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She Plays Ultra High Definition Video Games


A girl plays awesome UHD video games.

But it's so sad that your camera is too low-rez to see...


She can play these graphically-stunning master pieces:
  • DUN
  • IZAK



  • ↑↓←→ / Stick : move
  • Z/  : action
  • X/  : quit
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro
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sheplaysUHDgames.zip 1 MB

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It's a pleasent 5 minute game :) very fun.

Screen dimensions 15x12 = 5:4 ratio.

Not even Wide screen BOOOO.

Obviously joking, this has however given me a fun idea which I want to credit your good self with and give you first dibs.

A 16:9 game jam, when people hop on to expect this to mean 1920x1080 imagine their faces when they find out its literally 16x9 pixels to make a game :P

If that doesn't get any takers it could always be bumped up to 32x18 or 64x36.

Then create a scene like this one with an area to overlay the borderless wind of the game so it looks much like this scene but square on rather than isometric as that would be easier to program for.

If it had to be at an angle some engines allow 3d projection which would give them an advantage unless strict rules were put in place that 3d projection wasn't allowed? I dunno, would just be fun to see what people could achieve with such a tiny resolution.

Anyway think it over, would be fun and a cool little lowres challenge.

How you fit 3 UHD in a 15 x 12 box, I'll never know. :) Fun and unique game!

Nice game!

Thank you!

Beautiful game. I feel like I failed at it though. I clicked all the keys on the keyboard and nothing worked. So I wasn't really able to play it.

The bugs are so random :(  

I'll try to fix it and really thanks for the video.


I love the unique twist on the jam limitations. Very cool and fun game.

This is a great review! I really appreciate it.


Ahahahahah great laugh :D


a really cute game and for the space of it XD 1 mb that's the best thing ever .. and for ther rating 5 out of 5 ^_^ 

hope you like the video 

It's an honor to receive this video. Great!

thx ^_^ it was an Honor to play it ^_^

Deleted 5 years ago

Thank you! I fixed some but I don't know whether it got fixed. :P

I played, very good game, it's very cute and strange , when I see the girl played to Dun, ahah. It's very clear, I'm able to read and recognize the name and the player. i like the reference for Street Fighter with the hadouken (the poor ennemies, he/she doesn't move ahaha :D), so I liked it, good job.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

The game crashed once i finished all the games (weird sentence...)

Other than that great game, it's amazing to play games in such high definition and tperspective makes it even more interesting :)

Oh, I'm sorry for the crash.  And thanks for your playing and the report! :D

It crashed on me after the third game, but what i played was pretty sweet